Can somebody tell me how should ‘appreciation’ be conveyed?

Just as I thought! I was nagged by the person I love on the day of my birthday! Just because we didn’t get to meet on my birthday. I don’t get it!

Does she want me to go gaga over it! As soon as I opened the gift, I saw my request, a sandal, and a shirt! I tried both asap! The sandal feels comfortable. I wish she knew that I never had a sandal so comfortable yet so fit that I could use it to run! And the shirt! As soon as I saw it, I can’t wait ’till Friday so I can wear it! The shirt and the design(will be posting it the next time) fits well. I wish she knew how happy I was with the gift. I tried telling her but she just nags.

TO be honest, I really really appreciate it! It’s just that I am so pissed tonight! And upon reading her post, I want to hurt someone so bad!!


Work Rant

I havent done anything stressful lately but it seems that I am unhappy with my work. Although i do have some task at hand this day, i seem to have choosen to slack off.

I do hope that Victor call me up soon. If by the time we negotiate and it all went well, I guess I would be back to my old objective; to make significant success on the local industry. Maybe I’m not the person who wants to climb up the corporate ladder. Maybe I see myself greater than that. Maybe I want to have a small company and make it bigger. Or maybe I’m feeling really lazy.

I know, I still have a lot to work on for me to feel confident with competing with others. Skillset wise, the fresh grads can even beat me. But I should keep in mind that it is not just them I am against. I need to learn more. I need that hunger again.

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Alone and Having Fun



The First of September


By the 30th of August, I decided to start making use of my K-x again. Bring back the passion for photography.

I planned to start yesterday. I planned to capture the sunset view along Manila bay. Unfortunately, rain poured. I had no choice. Good thing, my girlfriend asked me to accompany her and her friends,which I have already met, to visit their friend, which I have never met, at the hospital. I agreed.

All they did was chitchat. I believe most of you guys know that it is what girls love to do most! But I can’t blame them. They haven’t seen each other for some time. The four of them are nurses. The girl wearing black, Auvey, is the one that is sick. The three other girls, which includes my girlfriend, would then mess Auvey the medical way. They gave me a lot of laughs though.

So when the time comes to take pictures, I brought my camera out. The room is quite dim and I don’t to ramp up my ISO higher than 1600. Tried to use my built-in flash and got a photo too bright. So I borrowed my girlfriend’s compact mirror, placed it at approximately 45 degrees the flash and hit the shutter. That photo is what I got.

I may not have caught the sunset. But then, I am being reminded of the things I learned and read. Looks one of the ways to get my passion back is to apply the things I learned.

The end days of the Robusts

Today I feel that the end is near for us. 3 of us call it freedom but the other two consider it a new problem. What we have foreseen with the last two months has now arrived. It would be a new beginning for the 5 of us, the remaining employees. The company is closing.

I’m at the office for almost 19 hours. I’m getting anxious. They notified me that there will be a meeting today. It’s lunch time and they just told us that there will be a dinner held tonight. The last dinner with our employers. The last time that soju will drown me to death. I remember those days where there are 20 Filipinos attending the dinner. Now, it is just the 5 of us.

But as I wait impatiently, they reminisce. Those onshore trips that we had in Seoul and Japan. Those days of the Sendai Earthquake where we got stranded, scared and desperate. But even though it was one of the toughest times of our careers, it was also the happiest. We didn’t have just the money during those days but also where we had so much fun.

But now we wait for the end. And though I have just been informed that it may still go operational for the next few months, I wonder when this will last. If I we won’t be free any time sooner, I leave.

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Hi! I am Bryan! and this is not Jackass! This is my blog! This is the first post!

So why did I get a WordPress blog or what’s the idea behind getting one? Well, I put the blame on my girlfriend. It was March this year where I broke up with my girlfriend. The next day that I broke up with her, I found her new twitter account with her new WordPress account displayed on it. From then on, I’ve been reading her posts even though we got back together. She made a blog as a way to express her thoughts and emotions on things she is going through. I plan to do the same.

When I told her that I just made a new account, she said that I should be sharing the pictures I took so it gets appreciated. But I do hope that it not just the photos that gets appreciated but also my thoughts.